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    What we do

    Using videoscope technology we can look inside hard to view areas

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Mark Radcliffe

Mark Radcliffe has over 18 years experience in the remote visual inspection field

Using videoscope technology we can look inside hard to view areas

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is the science of inspecting objects or areas usually inaccessible to the eye without disassembling surrounding structures or machinery. It allows inspectors to discover hidden defects before they cause major problems. RVI makes it possible to inspect behind walls, and into complex machinery such as turbine and piston engines, pipes, airframes, tanks and vessels, and other difficult-to-reach areas.

The risks to your investments

Every structure has a mass of internal cavities often hiding minor flaws and weaknesses. Unchecked these faults can lead to serious structural damage potentially causing disruption and escalating repairs bills. With Visiscope you can be more proactive about your maintenance.


Preventive maintenance with Visiscope

Visiscope utilises unique digital technology to deliver excellence in remote visual inspection.

Remote visual inspection means we can go where you can’t, identifying hidden defects such as faults in floor, walls, roofs, window systems, air conditioning ducts, specialist mechanical plant/machinery and numerous other areas. Once identified these risks can be remedied before any major problems arise.

In short preventative maintenance.

By using Visiscope’s unique remote visual inspection sevice you can relax and have peace of mind about your investments.

Visiscope can:

  • Undertake quality checks on new structures
  • Analyse for structural weakness on existing structures
  • Improve efficiency and speed up surveys
  • Track water ingress in structures
  • Carryout non destructive testing
  • Undertake quality control and maintenance planning
  • Corrosion surveys in facades

Plus with Visiscope’s unique consultancy solution you can maximises information with the minimum of labour and disruption.


Industry Applications

Visiscope’s services are ideal for a number of industries:

  • Seismic surveys
  • Power generation
  • Infrastructure
  • Building facades
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Building and Construction
  • Research and Development
  • Marine engine surveys
  • Water Supply/Drainage
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation