Coantec E5 Series HD Industrial Endoscope

Excellent Image processing technology

5 inches HD LCD screen, more delicate image and real color, image resolution supports QHD、HD、FULL HD, 2048*1536 pixels at a maximum.

Long Insert tube

The length of insert tube can be customized, up to 2 meters, 120° bending angle. This technology breakthrough is fully used in the inspection of pipeline,

header and heavy equipment.

Super illumination and wide viewing angle

Rear-mounted LED light, Optic fiber light guiding; the illumination is up to 100,000Lx. Good performance for dark and harsh environment.

Real-time video output

With TV-out port, it can connect with PC and achieve remote video output.

  • Motor control joystick
  • Maximum 10 meters tube
  • Anti-shock and waterproof IP67(probe/tube)
  • 12 months warranty and lifetime maintenance
  • Download PDF FileTechnical Brochure