NEW!! Yateks M-IR Series Mechanical 360° Infrared Endoscope

M-IR series is a customized endoscope type for such special industries. Based on mechanical control of 360 degree rotation, it can reduce the noise to the lowest level. With 6mm infrared night vision lens, it can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observing distance under totally dark environment, in order to lower the risk of observers.

1. It can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observation distance under totally dark environment and the lens with invisible light.

2.the 6mm front camera makes it possible to be inserted into small space to observe.

3. 450,000 effective pixels, the visual field can be clearly detected.

4. Mechanical control of 360 degree rotation can achieve observation in all small directions

5. The whole body weighs only 0.6kg, portable and convenient.

6. Interchangeable probes— one main body can match several probes to satisfy different demands.

7. Removable Host and support base  structure, easy to work on the desktop when the product will be fixedly placed.

8. Optional magnetic support base,  the host can be attached to the detected shell (metal material) in special circumstances.


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