Wireless Inspection Camera AV7810

The Wireless Inspection Camera features a removable wireless color LCD monitor that displays crystal clear video images for accurate visual inspection. This unique wireless feature allows you to put the camera where you need it… and the monitor where you can see it… up to 30 ft. away, guaranteeing you a whole new level of convenience.

  • 3.5″ removable wireless color LCD monitor
  • Waterproof camera & shaft(IP67)
  • Image/video capture & store
  • 4 super bright LEDs, illumination can be adjustable in 6 levels
  • Picture freezing for easy taking photos, even under video recording mode
  • Max. 8 times zooming
  • Multiple snake tube and small probe diameter for different jobs
  • Mirror, hook & magnet to assist you
  • Download PDF FileWireless Inspection Camera - Technical Brochure