Inspection costs

Because of the many different industry applications and variety of site conditions Visiscope works with. A Visiscope professional will provide to the client cost estimates or a contract price for each individual job. There exist many variables that can effect our pricing. Such variables include site access, location & site conditions.

For example specialist scaffolding maybe required. Such equipment could include a mechanical scissors lift, cherry picker, mobile scaffolding. Depending on the site locality a portable power source maybe required for example. Should the inspection site be located outside, a temporary shelter maybe necessary to achieve practical working and operational conditions. These conditions will determine the number of technicians required.

Site Conditions

In order for Visiscope to operate safely and efficiently, assessment of scaffolding requirements if required is all most important. To assist us with this planning and pricing it is recommended that site photographs or a Handy Cam video be provided to us of the areas that require inspection prior to commencement of any Remote Visual Inspection Works.

Consultancy Services

Should the need arise to look at the feasibility of implementation of Remote Visual Inspection for the purposes of Research & Development, Routine maintenance monitoring or non destructive testing. Visiscope offers a consultancy service. A Visiscope professional will scope such requirements, provide a schedule of fees for a report. From this reports findings Visiscope is then able to accurately quote for a stage by stage action programmed. This report will prove beneficial for maintenance planning & budgeting.


Visiscope offers a Remote Visual Inspection service only. We do not provide mechanical services or structural reports. It is recommended that the client provides his own IQP’s to monitor the inspection and to guide the Visiscope technicians to the areas that require inspection.